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March 2020


Learn about Flowscapes. They are maps of your perception about a situation.

November 2019

50 years of Lateral Thinking

An article published in the Times of Malta

August 2019


At there are ten challenges for you to practice your Lateral Thinking.

August 2019

Use your computer or smartphone to help you structure how you apply Lateral Thinking on ideas you are developing. Test your lateral thinking skill on ten challenges.

March 2019

Book reprints

The Textbook of Wisdom and Surpetition are being re-released.

February 2019

The IBM Dollar

Originally published March 1994. An idea suggested by Edward de Bono to the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation

May 2018

Palace of New Thinking 2018

We held the inaugural meeting on the 18th of May 2018 in Verdala Palace, Malta with representatives from many countries. Our focus was ‘new forms of governance’.

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