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The father of lateral thinking, the late Dr. Edward de Bono received one of the highest international awards for ‘Leaders of Excellence in Creative Thinking and Innovation’, a few weeks after his demise.


Organised by the Malta-India Business Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI), the Edward de Bono family were given the posthumously award during the International Women Economic Forum (WEF) Awards 2021 ceremony in Malta.

The ceremony was held on the 5thAugust at the picturesque Palazzo Busietta, in Wardija while the sun set. On this occasion other Maltese icons were awarded for their lifelong work and success in their respective fields.

Such esteemed individuals included the late President Emeritus Agatha Barbara, Maltese Tenor Joseph Calleja, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr. Evarist Bartolo, and H.E Lino Bianco, Ambassador for Romania.

The award was received by, Ms. Justine Cassar Gaspar, Edward de Bono’s executive assistant for the past decade.

Ms. Cassar Gaspar representing the Edward de Bono family recalled how Dr. de Bono would have been delighted and humbled to receive such an award. “In name of Dr. Edward de Bono and his family, I would like to thank you for this precious recognition as ‘Leader of excellence in Creative Thinking and Innovation’.

It is of great significance to the family that the Malta - India Business Council of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) is bestowing this award. Dr. de Bono’s mother, Josephine Burns de Bono, was one of three women who successfully campaigned for the right for women to vote and hold public office in Malta. She was an inspiration to the whole family and I am sure inspired courage in her son, Edward.

It is of great value that Dr. de Bono’s work will remain a legacy and an influence around the world.”

When presenting the award, WICCI President Dame Jane Chircop said “it is indeed an honour to recognise a creative mind. WICCI award Dr. Edward de Bono as the World leader in creativity and innovation. We want to recognise and remember that he helped put Malta on the global map of great leaders and forward thinkers”

WICCI is powered bythe Women Economic Forum (WEF). Heads of States, Nobel Laureates & Global Leaders are among the prestigious awardees who have received WEF Awards.

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