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Training and faciliation

Our purpose is to help you improve collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and decision making.

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Dr. Edward de Bono's methods have been adopted through training programs by organisations around the world since 1991. Our global network includes accredited trainers and facilitators in 72 countries through 18 Training Partners. Please contact your nearest training partner to discuss how we can help you.


We provide in person and virtual training and facilitation, supported by interactive digital courses and applications, to help you apply the methods to topics that are important to you. Our Training Partners organise the accreditation of in-house and independent trainers; all Training Partners offer corporate training, some also provide public workshops (see dates).


The Six Thinking Hats® are for exploring, developing and implementing ideas.


The Six Thinking Hats are used by individuals and groups to separate out conflicting styles of thinking. They enable and encourage a group of people to think constructively together in creating change, rather than using argument to fight over who is right and who is wrong. hosts the online course.


Lateral Thinking is a structured approach for thinking differently.


Dr. Edward de Bono developed his Lateral Thinking methods from an understanding of how the mind works as a self-organising pattern recognition system. While this Mechanism of Mind helps us develop routines for dealing with a complex world, it also locks in our views and makes it hard to change perception at will. This course explains how to structure your thinking so that you can create alternatives at will. hosts the online course and some Lateral Thinking challenges that can be started with a free trial. 


Meet some of our team and read about their work.

Please talk to your nearest training partner about your requirements as we can tailor our approach. The Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking are two of six complementary methods offered by de Bono®. The Hats are a good framework to start with as they are useful for making group discussions more productive and less adversarial. Lateral Thinking is for creating ideas and The Six Thinking Hats are for exploring, developing and implementing them. We can mix modules from different courses and deliver at times and durations that work best for your organisation.

If you are interested in becoming a Training Partner then we would love to hear from you at

Please note that we are only considering applications from established training providers who have sales and marketing capacity.

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Read Dr. de Bono's explanation of thinking as a transferable skill or download as a PDF document.

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