de Bono Thinking Systems ® (dBTS), formerly Advanced Practical Thinking Training, was founded in 1991 with a mission to develop and manage the publication of Dr. Edward de Bono's tools for use in training. dBTS is an independent business, licensed by de Bono. The leader of a global network, de Bono Thinking Systems links over 300 certified trainers in 72 countries through 22 affiliate Authorized Distributors on six continents.


Customers worldwide have benefited from Dr. de Bono’s methodology. Organizations whose teams use these tools regularly report increased productivity, creativity, reduced meeting time and improved attitudes with fewer grievances among team members. You might be surprised at the products, services, events, treaties, and negotiations initiated or resolved using Six Thinking Hats®, Lateral Thinking, The Power of Perception™, Focus on Facilitation™, Simplicity, and Six Value Medals™.


Our courses have been adopted by businesses around the world, studied by governments, promoted by peace institutes and taught in prisons. Today, many Fortune 500 companies, governments and thousands of individuals around the world use Dr. de Bono's thinking methods regularly.

Training in the de Bono methods, in the form of in-house training, certifications, or public seminars, is available from the global de Bono Thinking Systems® (dBTS) network of authorised distributors and trainers. dBTS trainers have developed a high level of proficiency with the de Bono methods and maintain a high standard through recertification.


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The teaching of creative thinking

Read more on Dr. de Bono's explanation of thinking as a transferable skill or download as a PDF document.

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