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There are over three hundred accredited trainers in the de Bono methods. Here are some of the most experienced. There is also a directory of case studies.


James P. (Pat) Carlisle

Pat is the President of the de Bono Group, an authorised de Bono distributor in the the United States.


Anna Engel

Trainer and business partner


Phil Shearrer

Phil is a Master Trainer of Dr. de Bono’s methodologies. He creates value for clients by designing talent development and innovation solutions


Frank Connolly

Frank has worked extensively across Public and Private Sectors in both operational and change roles.


Suhail Gupta

Suhail has trained and consulted with the best-in-class fortune 500 companies in the last 15 years.


Nicola Tyler

As a champion of de Bono methods, Nicola has earned an enviable reputation for delivering results to clients.


Riches Djedjes

Riches has used de Bono methods with government, manufacturing, telecoms and banking clients.


Dr Sunil Gupta

Sunil has worked extensively across Public and Private Sectors in over 40 countries.


Joanna Wang Qiong

Joanna introduces in-depth case studies to deepen the trainees’ understanding and is an engaging facilitator of the highest standard.

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