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Phil Shearrer

Phil is a Master Trainer of Dr. Edward de Bono’s methodologies and the owner of the R3Design Group. As an insight architect, he creates value for clients by designing talent development and innovation solutions. Representative clients include: Aperio Consulting, Resources Unlimited, The Central Intelligence Agency, The Aerospace Company, 3M, Caterpillar, Nestle-Purina, Chubb and Sons Insurance.
Phil served as a Captain with the 9th Infantry Division and holds a J.D. and a BS in Education. He is a certified in a wide variety of performance tools including: Organizational Development Consulting, StrengthsFinders, DISC, Flowprofiler, Vital Smarts, DDI and Achieve Global courses.

Case Studies

MU Healthcare improves patient engagement scores

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Resources Unlimited

Canada, United States

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