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"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."

Dr. Edward de Bono

de Bono in action

In addition to providing training in de Bono® methods, our network of experts can also help you apply the techniques to solve problems, resolve conflicts and open up opportunities in your organisation.

Explore our library of case studies on the application of de Bono methods.

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Become Accredited

We invest in ensuring a high level of quality of training and materials for the benefit of our customers. Only accredited trainers are authorised to use the de Bono or Six Thinking Hats trademarks, this is indicated by the publication of digital credentials on If you would like to become accredited as a corporate trainer then please contact one of our training partners.

If you would like to become an accredited Six Thinking Hats Teacher for Schools then please read more about this here.

Become a Training partner

Many of our training partners have been providing the de Bono methods for over thirty years. Our partners provide accreditation and materials to local trainers and customers in their market. If you are interested then we would love to hear from you at Please note that we are only considering applications from training providers who have sales and marketing capacity.

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