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"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea."

Dr. Edward de Bono

de Bono in action

In addition to providing training in de Bono® methods, our network of experts can also help you apply the techniques to solve problems, resolve conflicts and open up opportunities in your organisation.

We are building a library of case studies on the application of de Bono methods. If you have benefited from using Dr. de Bono's methods and would like to share your story then please do so here.

We provide online applications that help you apply the de Bono methods to topics that are important to you. These are an extension of the online training courses offered by our training providers.

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The website hosts both an online training course and an application "My Thoughts". This note taking service helps you create sequences of hats to structure your thinking. You can build a library of ideas and return to work on them over time. You can also email the results to yourself to share with others.


There is also a My Thoughts tool on that guides you through the process of applying Lateral Thinking techniques to topics that matter to you.  

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If you want to practice your Lateral Thinking skills then start a free trial at No previous knowledge is required to tackle these challenges.

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