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In person and virtual training and facilitation

Our purpose is to help you improve collaboration, problem-solving, innovation, and decision making.



Lateral Thinking and The Six Thinking Hats are two de Bono methods from more than 60 books that Dr. de Bono has written over 40 years all on the topic of understanding and improving how we go about solving problems and creating opportunities. Be inspired with these quotations.


For schools and families

de Bono Thinking Lessons for children are free to use. These lessons have been in use and adapted over 40 years, originally published as the CoRT Thinking program. The thinking tools are designed for use with any age group from 8 to 18 years. The lessons can be self taught, used for home schooling, or used in a formal classroom setting. The purpose of the lessons is to develop thinking as a skill that can be applied to any situation.

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Read Dr. de Bono's explanation of thinking as a transferable skill or download as a PDF document.

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