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Suhail Gupta

Suhail Gupta is a partner at IDEAS a professional service firm that adds value by providing leading-edge thinking and innovative approaches to complex business issues. He has trained and consulted with the best-in-class fortune 500 companies in the last 15 years. He is a Master Trainer across the de Bono thinking methods.

Suhail has worked extensively with diverse organizations and helped in transformation of their thought process. Suhail has won several accolades from clients and has made a significant impact in adopting transformation. He has led interventions with clients like BASF, VODAFONE, SIEMENS, ERICSSON, ACCENTURE, JPMORGAN, DELOITTE, MERCEDES BENZ, BANK OF AMERICA and many more that have had astounding success.

Case Studies

Innovation as a way of doing business

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IDEAS Management Consultants

India, United Arab Emirates, Emir of Qatar, Oman, Bangladesh

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