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Thinking by Design

Thinking by Design is a collaborative process that engages your team to create value for customers. For organisations in pursuit of innovation - we bring together the customer centric approach of Design Thinking with Edward de Bono’s Lateral Thinking.

Thinking by Design

This workshop is best suited to teams with a practical outcome to achieve. We will work with you to apply these methods to an outcome that matters to you. This is not limited to new product design but is also applicable to problem solving, process improvement and adapting to changing markets. This is applied, on demand creativity that changes how your team looks at a situation and provides the process to reimagine the way your team serves your purpose.

For inclusive leaders seeking to engage teams in creating new ways to get work done. By following this approach you are more likely to generate solutions that are responsive to customer needs and solutions that are more likely to be adopted by your organisation.

Please contact one of our training partners for more information.

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