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ReThink is a short workshop using Lateral Thinking to create meaningful cost savings and the potential for growth.


For organisations under pressure to reduce costs - we will help you identify what is no longer essential and create savings in time and money. Creativity is not just for the good times, it is essential to rethink how to make better use of existing assets when circumstances change.

This workshop is best suited to teams with a practical outcome to achieve. We will help you to apply three simple and effective frameworks to your objectives.

Cost reduction is necessary but not sufficient. Organisations that only focus on reducing capacity will limit their potential for growth. We will show you how to adapt by both reducing activity that is no longer necessary and creating new ways of delivering the benefits that customers expect.

For inclusive leaders seeking to engage teams in creating new ways to get work done - we will provide a framework for constructively challenging why things are done the way they are and for creating alternatives.

Please contact one of our training partners for more information.

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