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Six Thinking Hats for Schools Badge

Guidelines for using the Badge


This Badge may only be used by Accredited Teachers

and by Schools that have accepted the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Badge.


  • The Badge must not be changed in any way.

  • It may only be used to promote the use of the Six Thinking Hats method by a teacher or school

  • It must have a clear boundary around it and not be overlapped by other images or words.

  • It must be large enough to read but not so large that the image quality is compromised.

  • It may not be used to endorse material in any media that was not published by de Bono.

  • It may not be used on merchandise or for other commercial purposes.

  • You may not use "de Bono" or "Six Thinking Hats" to create your own version of the badge or logo.

  • Accredited teachers will be provided with an accreditation certificate.

  • Accredited teachers will be provided with a template to create Six Thinking Hats certificates for students.

Further guidelines on the use of the Badge in marketing will appear here.

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