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Six Thinking Hats for Schools
- register for teacher accreditation

Thank you for your interest in becoming an accredited teacher of The Six Thinking Hats for Schools.

We are offering an accreditation program to ensure a high level of competence and confidence in teaching the material. It is only necessary to be accredited if you or your school wish to use the Six Thinking Hats for Schools badge in any marketing or promotion. Accredited teachers and schools will also be asked to commit to using the books "The Six Thinking Hats for Schools and Families". and to follow these guidelines.

The accreditation agreement for teachers is here

(A copy of this will be sent to you later).

The agreement for schools is here.

Badge Six Thinking Hats for Schools new.jpg

Teachers, please register your interest below and we will contact you when the next accreditation session is planned. By providing your email address you are giving us permission to share your contact details with the training partner that will deliver the training. They will explain what they are offering in terms of location, (in person or virtual), duration, date and cost of the accreditation - you can accept or decline their offer.


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