About IPDC
IP Development Corporation (IPDC) is the owner of the de Bono IP, trademarks and copyrights. IPDC was established to safeguard and protect the de Bono IP for future generations.

About DBG
De Bono Global (DBG) was appointed in October 2011 by IPDC as the worldwide manager of the intellectual property associated with Dr de Bono’s work, including copyrights and trademarks.

DBG was also appointed by Dr Edward de Bono to exclusively manage his services in relation to personal appearances, speaking engagements and consulting.

As principal licensee, DBG manages all licensing, copyright permissions and approvals, IP development and all licensing relationships.

About the de Bono Intellectual Property
The de Bono materials are protected by copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property laws. Permission to use any of these must be sought from DBG prior to use.

While the de Bono tools and methods are discussed by Dr de Bono in his books, merely reading about these tools and methods is no substitute for receiving proper training from a trainer with current certification qualifications.

Training will provide you with in-depth instruction on how to use and apply the de Bono tools and methods. This will show you how the individual de Bono tool frameworks (or a combination of frameworks), can be used for carrying out more complex thinking operations, thereby driving greater results.

Training in the de Bono tools and methods, whether in the form of in-house training sessions or certifications, or via public training seminars, should only be received from accredited and authorised trainers who have current certifications. These trainers have developed (and maintain) a high level of proficiency with the de Bono tools, and form part of a global network of trainers who use authorised materials supplied by DBG’s training and publishing partner, de Bono Thinking Systems.

A list of authorised distributors and trainers is supplied in our business seminar section under find a local trainer.

Our Calendar section has a detailed listing of global seminars and events.