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Experience and instruction
(The teaching of creative thinking. Page 9)

I have been working for more than forty years in the direct teaching of creative thinking skills and in the teaching of general thinking skills. I have worked with different ages, skill levels and cultures in 45 countries with widely different backgrounds and ideologies.


My experience has shown me that the basic skills of creative thinking can be taught and applied.

I have worked with governments, Nobel Laureates, school teachers and their students and multinational corporations. As competing organisations move to an equivalent level of "competence," and automation and computerisation replaces predictable human tasks, there is the growing realization that only creativity will make a difference in the future. Organizations are taking creativity seriously a basic part of their talent development.


There is a global network of training consultants authorised by me to train and qualify people to become instructors in the use of my methods. Creative thinking is a transferable and useful skill.

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