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50 extra practice items

50 extra practice items

  1. What do you think of the idea of having weekend prisons for minor offenders? (PMI, C&S, OPV)

  2. Should students be part of the rule-making process in schools? (PMI, C&S, OPV, APC)

  3. What do you think of the idea that students should be paid a small wage for going to school? (PMI, C&S, OPV, APC)

  4. There is a suggestion that when graduating from high schools, students should spend one year doing social work (e.g., helping old people, hospital work, cleaning up the environment). Do you think this is a good idea? (PMI, C&S, OPV)

  5. A boy is trying to decide between a career as a teacher or a lawyer. How should he make his decision? (AGO, C&S, FIP)

  6. A grocery is losing so much money that the store owner may soon have to close the store. Why do you think the store is losing so much money? (CAF, APC)

  7. It has been decided to always teach students by computer at home instead of having them attend schools. Do you think this is a good idea? (OPV, C&S, PMI)

  8. There is a new type of vacation in which you earn money in the morning and enjoy yourself the rest of the day. What is the purpose behind this idea, and what do you think would happen? (AGO, APC,C&S)

  9. What would happen if young people, adults and old people had to abide by different laws? (OPV, PMI, C&S)

  10. Should people be subject to a dress code? (OPV, PMI, CAF, C&S)

  11. If about half the people dislike some law, can it still be a good law? (AGO, FIP)

  12. How often should rules be changed, and who should ask for them to be changed? (FIP, OPV, CAF, C&S)

  13. Petrol (gasoline) rationing is introduced. Why do you think this might happen, and what would happen as a consequence? (CAF, C&S)

  14. What do you think of the idea that students should be able to leave school as soon as they can read and write? (C&S, FIP, OPV, PMI)

  15. Because of increasing mechanization, there comes a time when everyone retires at 40 so that there are enough jobs to go round. What effects will this have? (CAF, C&S, OPV)

  16. Should a company making shoes change the style as often as it can? (CAF, C&S)

  17. What do you think are the objectives and priorities of people running TV companies? (OPV, AGO, FIP)

  18. A man is found to have stolen a large number of left shoes. What do you think he is up to? (APC, OPV)

  19. An architect declares that he prefers to build ugly houses, why? (OPV, FIP, C&S)

  20. The government decides to raise the minimum age for leaving school to 18. Discuss this idea. (CAF, OPV, C&S, AGO)

  21. The police are given different colored hats to wear (red, blue, green, etc.). What is the point of this? (OPV, FIP, AGO)

  22. Someone tells you that someone else is saying nasty things about you. What should you do? (PMI, OPV, CAF, AGO)

  23. If you were in the government and had to raise money by taxation, which things would you choose to tax? (APC, OPV, C&S)

  24. A city council decides to remove all traffic lights in its city. Discuss this idea. (OPV, C&S, FIP)

  25. If you had to choose, which would you prefer: to be smart, to be hard-working, or to be well-liked? (FIP, C&S(

  26. If you wanted to make lots of money, how would you set about doing it? (AGO, FIP, C&S, CAF)

  27. What if neghbours cleaned each others houses? (OPV, PMI)

  28. What are your thoughts on the proposal that all buildings have gardens on the roof? (CAF, PMI)

  29. What if bird song could be interpreted to accurately predict the weather? (C&S, PMI)

  30. Imagine a world in which all shoes are the same. No left and right, no different designs. What are your thoughts on this? (CAF, C&S)

  31. What if houses could be made from rooms that are zipped and unzipped as needed? (PMI, C&S)

  32. What would happen if we stopped using money to pay for things? (OPV, PMI, C&S)

  33. What would we do if the sea rose permanently by one meter? (CAF, C&S, PMI)

  34. Imagine that no one owns a car — what are your thoughts on this? (PMI, CAF, C&S)

  35. An advertising company starts to pay people to have advertising messages on their teeth? What are your thoughts on this? (FIP, PMI, APC)

  36. People under 30 years old, have two votes in elections. (APC, PMI, OPV)

  37. What are the possible uses for a bright red spray that disappears if there is no movement for one hour. (APC)

  38. What would happen if only elephants could be used for public transport in city centers? (C&S, CAF, PMI)

  39. Imagine that everyone has to visit a prison for one day a year. What are your thoughts on this? (OPV, C&S, CAF)

  40. It only rains at night. (PMI, CAF)

  41. We pay a tax for the things we throw away. The tax is proportional to how much we throw away. (PMI, CAF, C&S)

  42. Young people can live rent free with old people if they help look after the heavy work. (PMI, OPV, CAF, C&S)

  43. A new global language is invented for text messaging that can be understood by anyone, even if they don’t otherwise speak the same language. What are your thoughts on this? (PMI, CAF)

  44. What if you could learn a new language while you were sleeping? What are the implications of this? (PMI, CAF)

  45. Jesters or clowns are employed to make people laugh at work. (AGO)

  46. Students teach the teachers for one lesson a week. (OPV, C&S)

  47. A blue light is added to traffic lights. Why? (APC, C&S)

  48. A new toothpaste stains your teeth green for ten mintues. (PMI)

  49. There is a new ice age and everything freezes. (AGO)

  50. Other people thoughts can be read on a mobile phone. (C&S)

These de Bono Thinking Lessons are free to use by parents, guardians and teachers. (This means on this website, or to print and use in home or in the classroom. Not for further distribution or commercial use). 

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