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Improving effectiveness

The training you provided, Six Thinking Hats, will help to enhance and improve our Directives Managers knowledge and skills in directives requirements. Being able to mentally wear and switch the symbolic ‘hats’ caused the Directives Managers to separate their thinking into six distinct categories for analyzing matters objectively and comprehensively. Knowing how to separate emotion from facts, the positive from the negative, and critical from creative thinking and the concepts you shared will help the Directives Managers to do that and be more productive, focused and mindfully involved in the Agency’s directives process.

These tools will improve the overall effectiveness of the National Aeronautics and Space Administrations Directives program. Thank you.

Daniel J. Tenny

Deputy, Associate Administrator for

Mission Support Directorate

National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Washington, D.C

De Bono Group

Canada, United States



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