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Clarity in decision making

'I was skeptical about using the Six Thinking Hats until I took the training and implemented it. The simplicity and sophistication of the tools completely blew me away! As we began using the tool it helped us manage a myriad of problems associated with gaining clarity in decision making. This is not just a thinking tool, it's a time, emotion, and resource management vehicle that provides structure to meetings, slicing meeting times in half, while making better decisions faster. We face unique challenges in our world today that require innovative thinking. Our traditional ways of problem solving do not solicit the kind of creativity that is needed to achieve that. The de Bono tools, Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, help awaken latent creativity that would otherwise remain hidden during problem solving.'

Lindsey Machona, is Executive Director of an organization within a wealth management services firm, part of a large Canadian Bank.

De Bono Group

Canada, United States



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