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Business Strategy

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Nicola Tyler on various Brands within the TFG Group over the last 10 years.

Her strategy sessions and approach allow, enable and capture Strategic Thinking, Problem Solving and Business Enhancement on a far superior level than any other Strategic Facilitator I have worked with in my 20 years in Retail.

Her background in the art of thinking (and the fact that it can be taught and she know how to teach it) is invaluable.

Nicola is my go to when teams are stuck in old belief systems or ways of doing things or need a renewed way to unlock the potential.

Over the years she has enabled Executive Teams I have been part of to harness their genius and produce work way beyond what they thought was possible.

Robyn Wenlock

Head of Business: Foschini

The Thinking Company

South Africa


+27 (0) 66 223 0626

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