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A culture of possibility

Our certified trainer and Key Account Manager Wallace Yang has secured a big contract with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL) in Ningde, Fujian Province, China, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, with businesses covering R&D, manufacturing and sales in battery systems for new energy vehicles and energy storage systems, such as Tesla. From January to June 5th, 2021, we delivered over 25 Six Hats and 10 Lateral sessions to over 600 top managers and hi-potentials.

The outcomes

During the two-day training sessions participants have been applying various tools to their real situations. Post training support included on-line coaching session for each manager to share how s/he are using  the tools on work scenarios: what went well, what didn’t and why and how to improve. At the end of the program managers submitted their case studies and received trainers’ feedback. 

The value of such practice is substantial. From their practice, 75% of managers reported shorter  meeting time, ranging from 30% to 50%. Also that the  discussions in those meetings was more satisfying, with more people participating and contributing wisdom to the team. The company mindset has also changed from black hat first (risk sensitivity) to yellow-back-green (value first, then risk, then adaptation). CEO to middle-level managers are becoming thinking ambassadors.

The actions

To create a culture of possibility, the company has changed the name of their meeting rooms to reflect the Six Thinking Hats and encourage people to use parallel thinking and lateral thinking tools in group discussions. On the walls in the elevators there are posters of Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking key words. They have made cartoons, raps, and other video clips to promote the tools internally. They will organize a grand gala for graduation and to celebrate the ideas generated.

The de Bono China team is proud to see our clients maximize Dr. de Bono’s thinking tools in their work and designing for the future. We will keep offering our best quality products and services to our customers and be the thinking and brand ambassadors for Dr. de Bono.

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