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Use of the de Bono methods, materials and trademarks by accredited trainers.

This Policy applies to accredited trainers who are party to an active accreditation agreement (previously known as a Certification or Recertification agreement).

Thank you for becoming accredited in using the de Bono method(s).

Your Credentials

We use digital credentials (badges and certificates) to acknowledge that you have been authorised for a defined period to teach others how to apply a specific de Bono method. Once you have completed your accreditation course, a link to your credentials will be sent to you. These credentials can then be shared on social media and published on websites for the duration of your accreditation agreement. This is the digital equivalent of a certificate on a wall.

Digital Credentials for participants

Only Distributors are authorised to issue de Bono branded certificates to participants in training courses you deliver. Participants can also access the digital badges for a specific course when they complete a digital course.

Branding and materials

Your accreditation agreement authorises and requires you to use the de Bono branded materials. You may not remove the de Bono branding.

You must not create your version of the de Bono materials or record yourself teaching your accredited de Bono method other than if approved in writing by de Bono, in accordance with this Policy.


For the duration of your accreditation agreement, you may use the digital badges and certificates to promote your accreditation. The specific badge(s) awarded to you may be used in your marketing material. Such promotion must only be to the audience that your accreditation agreement allows.

At the end of your accreditation agreement

If you do not renew your accreditation agreement at the end of its term, then you may not use the de Bono Badge, represent yourself as an Accredited Trainer, teach, impart or facilitate the learning of how to apply the Accredited Methods, use the de Bono trademarks or sell de Bono materials, unless in respect of the de Bono materials, written permission has been granted by de Bono.


New Work

de Bono wishes to encourage the authorised development of New Works to enhance the value of the de Bono methods. All New Works which currently include or anticipate the inclusion of de Bono IP are subject to the following approval process:

1. Any proposal for New Works should be submitted to your Distributor for review and approval by de Bono.

2. Any proposals for New Works should include:

(a) the proposed material, including required notices and appropriate attributions (see below).

(b) a description of the purpose and use of the product or aid.

(c) examples of use.

(d) a warranty that the New Work does not infringe any third-party IP rights (i.e., IP owned by third parties other than de Bono).

(e) confirmation that no material (including text, image, or graphics) has been copied from Dr de

Bono’s consumer books as intellectual property rights in these are licensed to the publisher and may not be available for reuse.

3. Any New Works approved by de Bono will be subject to a contract with the originator on a “work for hire” basis, terms to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Failure to agree within a sixty (60) day period does not give the Applicant any rights to continue using the de Bono IP unlicensed.

4. Any New Work that de Bono approves will carry notices indicating Edward de Bono as the original author and Edward de Bono Ltd. (trading as “de Bono”) as the sole owner of the copyright. The materials should also carry the appropriate attribution to the Accredited Trainer as a contributor.

5. de Bono reserves the right to publish and distribute all approved New Works. Such New Works will only be published by Applicant if agreed to in writing by de Bono. de Bono will own the IP in the New Works with no restriction on the rights (other than restrictions agreed by the contract).

Updated: 11th February 2024

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