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It may, at first, seem unusual to consider thinking a skill that should be taught explicitly. After all, everyone thinks. While everyone possesses a natural thinking capability, there are also learned thinking skills, which can help students develop. These skills are addressed in the series of lessons presented in this course. What are thinking skills? Thinking skills are practical and usable tools for applying the information and experience that a person already has and for gaining new understanding. This programme presents thirteen proven tools and provides practice using these tools in situations, problems or applications relating to general business. Thinking skills can be learned and developed. A person who practices his or her thinking skills will develop a higher level of ability and confidence. We know that a trained athlete will outperform an untrained athlete with equal or greater natural ability; the same is true of thinking performance. This approach to learning and developing thinking skills is proven, practical and enjoyable. Students of all ability levels can be successful at learning to apply a useful set of thinking tools to a wide range of situations, questions, and issues.


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