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The legitimate purpose of life is happiness. Many people, from the ascetic to the revolutionary, might deny the truth of that simple statement; but it is strange that the rest of us, who believe in it intellectually, do so little to act upon it. This book is a guide – a practical manual – for those who want to pursue ‘the happiness purpose’. It offers a framework which is based on thinking (including lateral thinking, for which Edward de Bono is famous) and which has an important place for humour and for clear-eyed self-importance. Step-by step, in considerable detail, it shows what can actually be done, and it offers new ways of looking at old problems, for example in the concepts of ‘life space’, ‘cope space’ and ‘self space’, and in replacing dialectics with ‘exlectics’. It can be combined with any religion, or with none. It has a call to action for people to come together to promote the happiness purpose in the world.

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