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Don’t chase the market leader, be the market leader. Edward de Bono, the bestselling author of Serious Creativity and inventor of lateral thinking teaches you how to move beyond the baseline of competition and find success with sur/petition. It's simple. If you want to survive in the global marketplace a competitive streak is essential. But what if you want to do more than just survive? In Sur/petition de Bono explains how choosing to run in your own race instead of alongside others will give you the edge over other businesses and creating value monopolies will allow your business to not only survive but become successful. Broken down into 3 sections Sur/petition will explain: 1. Why most fundamental habits of management thinking maybe inadequate and even dangerous for your business 2. The difference between traditional competition and sur/petition 3. The meaning of ‘valufacture’ and how to create value for your business Drawing from his immense experience consulting the top corporations in the world, de Bono

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