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De Bono’s powerful yet simple Six Thinking Hats method has been adopted by the world’s largest companies. De Bono dazzles us with another product of his fruitful, inventive mind. Having transformed the vocabulary of the business world with his smash bestsellers Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking, he turns his unflagging energies to ways to take action. Most situations in business – and in life – are ambiguous and confusing. And confusion is the enemy of action. The brilliant yet amazing Six Action Shoes framework lets us identify different situations so that we can take control of them and respond in the most effective way possible. Following routines, reacting quickly, responding sensitively, surmounting obstacles, getting information, taking charge – there’s a shoe and an action mode for every situation you face. While people may be nature respond in one particular style – say, taking emergency action (orange shoe) rather than accumulating information (grey shoe) – the truly successful person with master all six action modes, learning to tailor action to the situation at hand. The Six Action Shoes allows you to think about an issue in order to choose or design a course of action.

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