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This book is rather more personal than other books written by Edward de Bono because it was not written as a book in the first place. The contents are taken from a series of privately subscribed letters, making them available to the public. They constitute a continuation of Edward de Bono’s thinking about thinking. Edward de Bono has built a considerable international reputation on the basis that thinking is not just an interplay of intelligence, information and experience but a learnable skill and that in a busy world we should set aside some deliberate ‘thinking time’. It is now nearly five decades since Edward de Bono originated the famous concept of lateral thinking, which is specifically concerned with changing concepts and perceptions. The need for lateral thinking and the tools of lateral thinking are firmly based on the logic of perception, which is different from the normal logic. The logic of perception in the logic of self-organising information systems which Edward de Bono described back as far as 1969 in his book The Mechanism of Mind. The Letters in this book do have a business slant because the original subscribers were mainly from the business world. The business world has perhaps been one of the sectors of society most interested in the de Bono tools, as it is interested in thinking that gets things done. Nevertheless, the Letters are written in general terms, and thinking habits and techniques that may be used by any reader.

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