Dr. Edward de Bono

"You can analyse the past, but you need to design the future."
"I invented the word Lateral Thinking to describe the process of deliberately changing ideas and perceptions."

Dr. Edward de Bono gave Lateral Thinking its name and developed techniques for using it. He has devoted his life to encouraging people to approach thinking as a skill that can be learned and improved.



Lateral Thinking

Lateral Thinking is a structured approach for thinking differently.

Edward de Bono developed his methods from an understanding of how the mind works as a self-organising pattern recognition system. While this Mechanism of Mind helps us develop routines for dealing with a complex world, it also locks in our views and makes it hard to change perception at will. He explains how to structure your thinking so that you can create alternatives at will.

Go to LateralThinking.com and your computer or smartphone will assist you in applying Lateral Thinking to anything you want to think about.

Six Thinking Hats

Lateral Thinking is for creating ideas and The Six Thinking Hats are for exploring, developing and implementing them.

The Six Thinking Hats are used by individuals and groups to separate out conflicting styles of thinking. They enable and encourage a group of people to think constructively together in exploring and implementing change, rather than using argument to fight over who is right and who is wrong.

"Why have a mind if you can't change it?"

These methods are for you if you are:

Curious and open to learning how to become a better practical thinker, creating useful outcomes

Looking for a structured approach and are willing to practice

Getting stuck in a thinking loop, revisiting the same ideas or issues and wanting to break out.

Someone who needs to produce results and needs better alternatives than currently exist

Motivated to explore and develop alternatives

Open to changing your perspective and considering more than one right answer

In your personal life or at work, the purpose of this approach is to enable you to:


Create new solutions to stubborn problems

Realise opportunities that were previously neglected

Recognise and change the nature of your own thinking, so you become better at generating and exploring possibilities, not just accepting or defending what already exists

Improve conflict resolution and collaboration

"If you wait for opportunities to occur, you will be one of the crowd."
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