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Branding guidelines for trainers

Thank you for becoming a de Bono trainer.

Our history is rich with stories of trainers and customers using the de Bono methods. It’s rewarding to read quotes from you, crediting our shared efforts for your many successes. We celebrate your successes and hope you continue to build your own marketing channels.


We plan to use digital credentials (badges and certificates). These can be shared on social media and published on websites to increase the visibility of the de Bono methods, the digital equivalent to a certificate on a wall.

Digital Credentials for participants

Distributors are welcome to issue de Bono branded certificates and badges to participants.

Digital Credentials for certified trainers

We will publish on this website the list of certified trainers who have active contracts and indicate which Distributor they are affiliated with. We also plan to issue digital and verifiable credentials to you via This has no cost for you. The badges act as a visual signal that you are an authorised instructor and are shareable on social media.

Updated: 12th January 2021

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