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de Bono Network

de Bono credentials and logos

Here are the guidelines and logos to ensure a consistent approach to the identity of de Bono globally. If everyone complies with these guidelines then the network will be stronger and better able to defend against infringement.

You have permission to use these logos until your contract expires.

These images can be downloaded from here.

They are deliberately LARGE on this page and you can shrink them down for your use.

We have EPS, JPEG, SVG, TIFF, VECTOR files.

And the logo reversed with black on white.

Please contact if you need something that is not on this page.


Once the dBTS printed certificates have run out, de Bono will not be printing more.

We plan to use digital credentials (badges and certificates). These can be shared on social media and published on websites to increase the visibility of the de Bono methods, the digital equivalent to a certificate on a wall.

All of the badges use the trademark "de Bono" this gives us legal protection against copying. If a badge is copied by an unauthorised user then we have legal remedies to require that person to stop using the badge.

Badges for Distributors


Please let me know if you want this in other languages.

Digital Credentials for participants

Distributors are welcome to issue de Bono branded certificates and badges to participants (see below).

You can add your details to these certificates and distribute them digitally or print them out, as you wish.

You can also share the badges.

Participant badges can also be downloaded and shared on social media by participants that have finished the course. Here are some examples of the pages for sharing the badges by participants.

There is an important distinction to be made between credentials for participants and trainers.

The latter requires a verifiable system to ensure there are no unauthorised users of the credentials.

Digital Credentials for accredited users (previously referred to as certified trainers)

de Bono is now issuing digital credentials to accredited users.

Further details are at

Credentials can also be withdrawn or expire.

Logos and Badges

If you click on the image it will take you to a downloadable file.

PNG Badges:


For use by Distributors

Authorised Distributor Badge_1.png
Authorized Distributor Badge_1.png

For use by Master Trainers

MasterTrainer Badge.png

Examples of badges for use by Trainers

Please do not download Trainer badges as they will be issued via Accredible.

Six Hats Trainer Badge_1.png
Lateral Thinking Trainer Badge_1.png

Badges of completion for Participants

You may download these badges by clicking on them to open the file and then right click or tap to save.

Lateral Thinking Participant Badge.png
Six Value Medals Participant Badge.png
Focus on Facilitation Participant Badge.
Six Thinking Hats Participants Badge.png
Simplicity Participant Badge.png
Power of Perception Participant
Participant Badge TBD-100.jpg

Examples of participant certificates

de Bono logo for use by distributors in marketing material.


You may use these logos on the condition that you link them to and that you get approval from Caspar before you publish your use of the logo.

Please maintain the “free zone” boundary around the logo.

PNG files
deB call to action.png
JPEG files
De Bono Icon Mono.jpg
De Bono Icon Mono.jpg
EPS files

de Bono PowerPoint backgrounds

The PowerPoints for the courses are linked to from the Instructor Guide versions of the digital courses.

Blue title page

Blue slide footer

Green title page


Green slide footer

Colour pallete and font used on de Bono sites

There is no obligation to use these.

#CC0055 for special text
#FFD9E4 for highlighting
#9E0433 for headlines
#7F042D for backgrounds
#173981 for backgrounds
#40667C for backgrounds
#414141 for backgrounds
The font used on the de Bono sites is Proxima Nova
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