Also published as PO: A Device for successful thinking NO is the Basic tool of the logic system. YES is the basic tool of the belief system. PO is the basic tool of the creative system. PO: Beyond Yes and No is the basic primer of a revolutionary new system of thinking. Most of us are trapped within the rigid confines of traditional ways of thinking, limited by concepts which have been developed simply for the purpose of arriving at the ‘right’ answer. While humanity has advanced technologically, in the realm of ideas and thought processes we are still using the restricted and restricting concepts that we have always used. PO is a device for changing our ways of thinking: a method for approaching problems in a new and creative way. PO is the method to get us out of the rut where our current logic keeps coming up with the same tired answers which merely feed and escalate the problems they are supposed to solve, answers which are produced by resolutely refusing to look at the problem itself, to see if it makes sense.

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