It is never enough just to want or to exhort someone to think. What are the steps? What is to be done? Avoiding error and winning arguments is only a tiny part of thinking. The man enemies of thinking are confusion, inertia and not knowing what to do next. The BODY framework designed by Edward de Bono overcomes these problems. Intelligent people are not always as good thinkers as they believe because they get caught in the intelligence trap. Cut through the FAT to the BONES of the matter. Put more MUSCLE into your argument. Connect up your thoughts with NERVE networks. Present your ideas with good SKIN care. A method that is as easy to remember as it is to use, which is what one expects from Edward de Bono who is widely acknowledged as the leading world authority in the direct teaching of practical thinking skills. His work is used in thousands of schools worldwide and by many of the world’s leading corporations.


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