Why learn deliberate thinking skills?
We all naturally breathe, walk, talk and think so why should we learn deliberate thinking skills?

  • Thinking is the most fundamental human skill. The quality of our thinking will determine our future and success.
  • There is a close relationship between thinking and taking control of your life and happiness. Effective thinking leads to self-empowerment, greater self-esteem and self-determination.
  • Intelligence is not enough - many people believe that intelligence or having a high IQ makes someone an effective thinker. Thinking and intelligence are not the same. Many highly intelligent people are actually poor thinkers that get caught in the intelligence trap.
  • Our traditional thinking system, which focuses only on critical and analytical thinking is insufficient and inadequate to deal with our rapidly changing world. We have neglected to develop other important areas of thinking; constructive thinking, creative thinking, perceptual thinking and design thinking.
  • Traditional education in schools and universities often only teach and focus on critical and analytical thinking.
  • Effective thinking leads to real solutions and better outcomes.
  • Our world needs new and better thinking.