• Six Thinking Hats

    Six Thinking Hats

    The Six Thinking Hats® is a simple but powerful technique, which can be used by individuals or groups, having a dramatic impact on the situation being considered. Simple to learn and implement – and produces immediate results.
  • Lateral Thinking

    Lateral Thinking

    Lateral Thinking is a powerful process concerned with the generation of new ideas. The specific tools and techniques within the Lateral Thinking framework assist in the generation, harvesting and evaluation of new ideas.
  • Parallel Thinking

    Parallel Thinking

    Parallel Thinking® is a practical thinking system, which is objective, constructive and productive in nature. As a device it is used to get everyone focused in parallel to enable productive thinking about a subject, to explore and generate workable solutions and determine the design of action.
  • Six Value Medals

    Six Value Medals

    The Six Value Medals provides a powerful framework for value assessment from a 360 perspective. You will learn to map your values, providing an essential tool for decision-making and better thinking practice in all aspects of your life.
  • Six Action Shoes

    Six Action Shoes

    The Six Action Shoes is a practical framework for action that allows you to think about an issue in order to choose or design a course of action. By breaking down action into six distinct modes, the Six Action Shoes framework gives specific guidance about the action that needs to be taken.
  • Six Frames For Thinking About Information

    Six Frames For Thinking About Information

    The Six Frames provides a very simple method for extracting more value from information and allows us to be more deliberate and disciplined about the way we choose to experience and look at information.
  • CoRT Thinking Programme

    CoRT Thinking Programme

    The CoRT Thinking Programme® (CoRT) is a simple and practical framework designed to teach thinking as a skill. Divided into six sections, each section contains ten lessons designed to direct and support thinking and broaden the cognitive map.
  • The Five Stages of Thinking

    The Five Stages of Thinking

    The Five Stages of Thinking provides a formal framework for the practical operation of thinking. Specific de Bono tools are used within each of the five stages of the framework to assist and encourage more effective thinking.
  • Simplicity


    Simplicity does not just happen – simplicity requires intention, motivation and specific design skills. The Simplicity framework offers a set of guiding principles and design tools for achieving this important value and instilling it as a powerful habit and attitude of mind.