• Six Thinking Hats

    The Six Thinking Hats® is a powerful meeting and communication tool, a creativity stimulant and a reality check that fosters collaboration and productive outcomes.
  • Lateral Thinking

    Lateral Thinking provides a proven, deliberate, systematic creativity process that results in innovation. Be more creative and productive.
  • Course In Creativity

    Course in Creativity combines the power of the Six Thinking Hats® with a number of key Lateral Thinking tools to make creativity an everyday possibility.
  • The Power Of Perception

    Power of Perception offers 10 powerful tools to direct your thinking, obtain pertinent information, plan appropriate action and make better decisions.
  • Focus On Facilitation

    Focus on Facilitation shows you how to combine and harness the tools from the core de Bono frameworks to become an expert facilitator for any kind of meeting.
  • Simplicity

    Simplicity is a process where the focus is to make the complex clear. It is about creating the right kind of order. This order comes about by design.
  • Six Value Medals

    The Six Value Medals provides a powerful framework for looking at and assessing values. Learn to map and score values, providing an essential tool for decision-making.